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Vanderbilt Commodores #9

Autore: Manuel Follis
Data: 14 Mar, 2017

Record 19-15

Bryce Drew is in his first year as the Commodores head coach, after a 17-year tenure for coach Kevin Stallings. The year started with a few unexpected losses, which was to be expected, and a 3-5 record in the first 8 games in the SEC. The turning point was a home win against Iowa State: from there on, the team, went 7-3 and put up a show in a close loss to Kentucky. The best came in the conference tournament, with a win against Florida in the quarterfinal game and a semifinal against Arkansas, a loss. Most of the team’s offense comes from three-point shooting: coach Drew can and does put on the floor 5 shooter, with 6-6 power forward Jeff Roperson and 7-1 Kuke Kornet shooting over 33% from behind the arc.

Key Players

No Nba prospects for the Commodores, but plenty of interesting players. Matthew Fisher-Davis is the team’s top scorer (13.8 PPG), junior Riley LaChance is shooting almost 50% from behind the arc, Kornet is 7-1 and can shoot and Roberson mixes his shooting with post plays, making him a double threat on offense.


The Commodores will not have the luxury of a high seeds, making a second round exit a respectable outcome.



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