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Ejections, protests and September Madness

Autore: Manuel Follis
Data: 1 Ott, 2016

The Ncaa basketball season is about to start, the teams are back home and the players are ready to start official practices. But the college world is always full of wonders and unusual stories, and not all of them are about basketball.

The last three standing

During an exhibition game against the Providence Storm (a professional Caribbean team), Florida Gulf Coast played the last 96 seconds with four players on the court, and actually finished with just three. The Eagles made their free throws down the stretch and still managed to win the game, saving the face of the Ncaa.

What a fun to finish a game with only three players on the floor! (FGCU is the blue one) #FGCU #basketball #preseason #ncaab

Un video pubblicato da basketballncaa.com (@ballncaa) in data:

I ain’t gonna play no more

The exhibition game between Wichita State and McGill University had an unusual ending. Coach Gregg Marshall thought the referees allowed the Shockers opponents to be too physical, and made sure the referees knew his opinion on the subject, as you can see in this video.

Little great man

And since we are talking about protests, Bronson Koenig, a native American and star of the Wisconsin Badgers, left the team during summer and drove 11 hours together with his brother Miles to participate to the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, an oil pipe that goes through four states. The fact that Koenig was present is quite important, since he is one of the most famous representative of the native American community in the US.

Bronson Koenig - Wisconsin

Bronson Koenig – Wisconsin

I see and I provide

Rick Pitino recently published his predictions for the incoming ACC season on his blog. He explained that scoring will come with some effort for Louisville, since the two top scorers just left the team, only to add that the team will keep a top 20 ranking throughout the season. Confidence? Arrogance? Madness?

Looking for a new house. Or just a gym.

No updates on Larry Brown’s future yet, although there are rumors his next coaching gig will at the high school level. Some say it will be Long Island, while the ex Nba champion and ex MSU coach confirmed he had extended talks with East Hampton. Would that be a step back in his career? He answered that very question for the Kansas City Star saying “he only cares about coaching”.

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